EZ Keyboard Method
While most of the lessons in the EZ Piano section, apply just to same to electronic keyboards, these instruments have many extra features, such as auto-rhythms, backing accompaniment, a host of instrument sounds, and sometimes recording features, and more.

In these EZ Keyboard Lessons, I shall be using the Yamaha PSR E313 (pictured below) as an example.
The reason for choosing this keyboard, is although it may have fewer features than some more expensive models, it is an excellent starter instrument, great value for money, and a popular choice for beginners.
Yamaha PSR E313
If you have been following the EZ Piano Method Lessons, you may, by now, be quite familiar with playing a melody with your right hand.

If you arrived at this page, I strongly advise you to visit the EZ Piano Method link, above, as the Cut-Out Keyboard Template used in those lessons, will also be used here. Also, much of the information in the EZ Piano Lessons, will apply equally to keyboard users. Both sets of lessons are designed to go hand in hand.
Once you have done that, return to this page and click the link at the bottom of the page, to begin your EZ Keyboard Lessons.

The aim of these lessons, is to help complete beginners, who own a keyboard, get full enjoyment out of their instrument, and all the features on offer.

It may seem strange, but many people buy a keyboard, and never  explore all the capabilities.
These lessons will, explain, step by step,with easy to follow videos, how to use your keyboard to gain maximum enjoyment, and entertain your family and friends.

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