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 EZ Piano Method Introduction Page

1. Five fingers, Five Notes

2. The Treble Staff...Lines and Spaces

3. The Quarter Note

4. The half Note

5. The Whole Note

6. Some Simple Tunes

7 Bar Lines and Timing

8. The Bass Staff

9. The Left Hand

10. Using Both Hands

11. Playing Chords

12. The G7 Chord

13. Merrily

14. New Chord, F Major

15, Changing Between C, F, and G7 Chords

16, C, F and G7, Two Hands Exercise

17, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

18, Eighth Notes

19, The Quarter Rest

20, An Introduction to Scales

21, Scales (Part 2)

22, Making Chords from Scales

22(a), Major Chord Chart with Audio

23, Legato

24, Staccato

25, Broken Chords

26, The Tie

27, Broken Chord Exercise

28, Dotted Quarter Notes

29, Jingle Bells

30, Ode to Joy

31, The Sharp Sign, and New Chord, D7

32, New Chord, G Major

33, New Chord, C Major 2nd Inversion

34, G Major, D7, and C Major Exercise

35, The Key of G Major

36, G Major Exercise

37, Minuet in G easy piano

38, Arpeggios

39, On Top of Old Smokey (arpeggio style)

40, Sixteenth notes

41, Sixteenth Note Exercise

42, Using the Pedal

43, The flat Sign and New Chord, C7

44, New Chords F Major (root position) & B Flat Major (second inversion)

45, The Key of F Major

46, Auld Lang Syne (Trad. Scottish tune) video lesson

47, 'Home Sweet Home' video lesson with backing track

48, 'Greensleeves' video lesson with backing track

49, 'Silent Night' Christmas carol with video

50, Create your own masterpiece, using the humble C major Scale

51, A Brief introduction to Minor Chords

52, Some Common Minor Chords, with Audio Examples

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