EZ Piano Method
EZ Lesson 2
The Treble Staff...
Lines and Spaces

In EZ Lesson 1, we looked at the notes, Middle C, D, E, F and G, on your keyboard.

This lesson will show you what these notes look like when written as music.

Music is written on a system of lines and spaces called a Staff (sometimes also called a Stave)
Notes which are to be played with your Right hand are written on the Treble Staff which looks like this
Treble Staff
The curly symbol at the left of the staff is called a Treble Clef
For now, all the notes you see written on the Treble Clef, will be from Middle C and above, ( to the right of Middle C )

Notes are written on the staff, either placed on the lines of the staff, or in the spaces between the lines.

It just happens that Middle C doesn't go on a line or in a space on the staff. It falls below the staff, and is placed on a short line of it's own, called a ledger, or leger line.

This may sound confusing, but it also makes Middle C easy to spot, so it is not all bad.

Here are the five notes you already know, writen as musical notes.
These notes would normally be coloured black, but here they are red, as in your keyboard template.
Here are some more notes on the Treble Staff........
.......and this is where they are on your keyboard.
Perhaps you are wondering why the stems on some notes point down, and on others they point up?

This is only to make the staff look neater and easier to read. There is no difference between these types of notes.

An easy way to learn the names of the line notes and space notes on the treble staff, is to print out the Flashcard, and keep it near your keyboard. Just click on the flashcard icon below
lesson 3 goes on to look at the different note types, and what they mean.