EZ Piano Method
EZ Lesson 1
Five fingers, Five notes
I hope that by now, you have found 'Middle C'
It should be the first key below the red section of your Template

For the time being, we shall just concentrate on the notes in the red section.

These notes will be played using your right hand.

To make things easier, you need to number the thumb and fingers of your right hand as shown in the picture below.

It is important to play the keys using the correct finger.
This will make it easier to find the keys, as your fingers will already be in the right place.

Middle C
is played with the thumb (finger 1)
D is played with finger 2
E is played with finger 3
F is played with finger 4
G is played with finger 5
Now play each note in order, starting with your thumb on Middle C, and ending with your little finger on G.
Then go back down to
Middle C again.
Watch the video to be sure you are doing it the right way.
Keep your fingers curved as though you are holding an imaginary ball, and use the side of your thumb to play
Middle C, as in the video below.

Sit comfortably at your piano or keyboard. Relax your shoulders, and keep your arm and fingers in line with the keys, not bent at an awkward angle. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to concentrate on playing the notes.

It is a good idea to name the notes out loud as you play them. This will help you remember them more easily.
Next, practice playing these notes, in any order, saying the note names out loud, and remembering to keep to the correct finger for each note, until you are completely familiar with them.

You could try placing your fingers above the keys in the correct position, then closing your eyes, and try playing them, naming the notes as you play!

In EZ Lesson 2 you will learn more about these notes, and what they look like when written down in music notation.
Once you know a few simple rules, you will be ready to play your first tune.
Piano Keyboard
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